8 Steps to Creating & Owning Your Very Own Masterpiece Pool!

You could have your very own dream pool in just 8 to 9 weeks!

1. Layout/Vision/Design

Fiberglass or Vinyl?

Our team comes to you! We will take a look at your property, get a sense of what you are looking for, talk through the process, dream, and design with you.

The pool is laid out using stakes and redwood forms. The form represents the outer edge of the pool shell. We ask that you or your representative be present at this phase for the purpose of coordination between our design and construction departments. It is extremely important that both the pool and mechanical equipment be located at this time. If your home is under construction, we also need to have access to both water and electricity. The forms must not be disturbed, as they represent the exact elevation, location, size, shape, and position of the finished pool.

2. Financing

Water’s Edge Pools does not do financing, but we will help by referring you to a trusted bank. Ultimately, you get to choose which financing option is best for you!

3. Permits

Permits can be a confusing hassle. Fortunately, we know exactly what to do! We will handle this step by making sure all necessary permits are submitted and completed on time.

4. Excavation

The excavation process is now ready to begin. The earth from your pool is either hauled away or kept on site for backfilling as necessary for later phases of construction. This is one of the two “dirty and noisy” phases of construction. We attempt to keep the dust down to a minimum, but it will be dusty, and the heavy equipment is noisy. We suggest you keep all windows and doors closed and keep your children away from the site during this phase.

5. Steel, Plumbing & Fiberglass

PLUMBING: Schedule 40 PVC pipe, which will be beneath the deck, will be installed and extended to the mechanical equipment location. This includes lines such as the main drain, skimmer, hydro-therapy jets, automatic cleaner, waterfall, and any other mechanical lines that may be included in your contract. All piping is pressure tested prior to gunite placement to insure against any leaks.

STEEL – 3/8″ steel reinforcing bars are placed to strengthen the gunite shell. The steel is shaped to the pool’s design and extra steel is used at points of high stress. The reinforcing steel is securely tied in place. The day of guniting, the bars are blocked up from the dirt so the entire “basket” will be surrounded by gunite when finished. The electrical contractor should then bond the steel shell. Stairs and benches in the shallow end do not have steel placed; they are solid gunite.

6. Electric & Decking

ELECTRICAL – This will be your first meeting with our licensed electricians. They will inspect your service panel and determine the exact distance to the mechanical location. They will also bond the steel structure and call in your 1st inspection. This is the time to talk about any future electrical, nightscaping, speakers, etc.

Before this final step is accomplished, it is essential that the pool and surrounding area are kept as clean as possible, and your fence or temporary fence has been installed to meet both local and state codes prior to filling the pool. Any projects which create dirt, dust, smoke or other mess, must be completed beforehand, or postponed until later. The sparkling cleanliness of a fine quality pool depends not only upon the ability of our craftsmen, but in keeping the pool as clean as possible until it is filled. We cannot be responsible for footprints or stains caused by dirt, fertilizer, dust, and other debris from construction, landscape projects or winds.

7. Pool Finish

Once the filling operation has begun, NEVER turn off the water or move the hose from its original position until the level has risen to the middle of the tile band. This eliminates the possibility of a dirt ring, which is difficult to remove. When the pool is full, please turn off the water and inform us. Under normal conditions it is not necessary to call us until the pool is full. There is no harm in not having the filter on, for up to a week after filling. There is also no harm to the pool, swimming in the pool before the filter is started.

8. Start Up

Soon after your pool is full, the mechanical equipment will be started. This is the first and most basic instruction for operating your pool. For the next 7-10 days you will be:

1. Testing and lowering your PH
2. Brushing the pool
3. Backwashing

Things to know and keep in mind
Things to know and keep in mind

Base pricing for in-ground pools start at $20,000 – $40,000 depending on your specific oasis. Size, shape, make & other factors will affect the total cost.

As your pool builder, Water’s Edge Pools will get you through the Excavation stage.  From there we will continue to be by your side and help guide you through decisions, but the exciting final choices are yours to make! We will set you up with companies we trust to put the finishing touches on making your dream pool a reality.