Fun, Reliable Swimming Pools!

With so many options these days, it is easy to get overwhelmed by choices. Water's Edge Pools in Central Ohio is experienced in everything related to fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools. We can help you sort through the all of the available possibilities on your path to the pool of your dreams!

A Personal Pool Beats the Heat…and the Crowd.

You work hard all week, dreaming about warm sunshine and dipping into a sparking pool. With excitement and anticipation you set aside valuable time, gather your things, load your car, and head to your neighborhood pool…only to find chaos and dozens of others with the exact same idea. A trip to the pool isn't as much fun when there's no room to swim!

With your own pool, you will:

Never have to fight a crowd again.
Create a fun environment for your family.
Enjoy peace and quiet while you swim.
Relax after a stressful day.
Have complete control over the way it looks.
Entertain family and friends.
Always know your pool is clean.

Dreaming of adding a pool to your yard? Take the plunge!

Delivering Quality, Custom-Built Pools Throughout Central Ohio

Water's Edge Pools believes in giving every homeowner the best in outdoor swimming pools. That's why our custom-built vinyl and fiberglass pools are built to the highest industry standards with only the highest quality materials.

We take our responsibility of serving you seriously, and we strive to continually meet and exceed your expectations. Success is staked on professional construction and courteous service for our customers. You are our focus.