Owner & CEO


My father and I started Waters Edge Pools in 1996. Experience does matter and let me tell you why. My grandparents on my moms side started their swimming pool company "Bud Lee Pools Service" the early 1960's. Columbus and the surrounding area had very few pools at that time. My grandmothers office was in the kitchen by the wall mounted telephone and grandpa kept the pool supplies in the basement. When a call came in grandma would write a work order and give it to grandpa. He in turn would load his 1967 Dodge van and off he went to service a pool. In 1975 the business had outgrown their house on Northridge Rd and they bought property just off Bethel Rd. to open up a new store and warehouse facility. February of 1976 my father Stan Ramsey returned from the U.S. Air force after 23 years of active duty including 4 tours in Vietnam. My parents moved my sister and I to Dublin and my parents immediately started in the swimming pool business with my grandparents.


In a way I’ve been with water’s edge my whole life, I am a 4th generation Pool guy but officially joined the business with my father, who is currently the owner, when I was 17 in 2011.
I am our head service tech here at water’s edge. I am advanced in leak detection and diagnosing any water chemistry issues with any pool. I organize all of our jobs and make sure all of our trucks are prepared to get the job done. I also operate heavy machinery on our build sites, making sure the yards are graded to the home owners’ expectations.
I am certified in heavy machinery, leak detection, Coverstar central and Automatic pool covers, GLI vinyl liner measuring.
Outside of work I enjoy riding my motorcycle, eating Chipotle, going to concerts, and playing with all 4 of my dogs.